My First Hotwife Experience

Kimmy Granger @ Hotwife XXX

I first heard of the Hotwifing concept at a party. It’s a thing where a wife has sex with another man and the husband enjoys it. I must say I find it quite harsh to hear it. I thought I would never do this in my life. On the other side, my sexual side was quite dull. There was no sex at all. It has been 20 years of marriage with two teenage kids. With time the spark of romance has gone away.  It’s not that I tried making love. Somehow my wife is not interested. She said it straight the sex is boring. She doesn’t enjoy it. Anyway, I was starved for sex, and I did not like having an affair with a younger woman. We all know how times are. Any of us can get into trouble. One dinner night when the kids were gone the hot wife concept just vent out from me. I apologized to my wife for saying this. She was silent all the time. I thought, Man I have made a terrible mistake. The next morning, she said let’s try it. I said what? The Hotwife. I didn’t believe what she said. But the determination and excitement in her eyes mentioned it.

Now the real problem started. The hotwife requires a third person. Who will that be? The person must be trustworthy and not disclose anything about her sexual life in private. Friends and Colleagues are big No No. In this situation, my wife came in handy. She picked up a blonde model working under him. My wife is a fashion designer and many young men worked under him. It was easy for her as she promised him money and a big break in the fashion industry.  The D-day arrived. It was Saturday. Kids were not in the house. The model arrived. His name was Henry. He was 6 feet tall, blonde blue-eyed with a well-toned body. He was from Scandinavia. We just had a gentle talk for some minutes when my wife arrived. I must say she was looking ravishing. She wore a V-neck black dress. My wife looked as stunning as JLO. She has curves, a big bosom with dark brown hair with cute dimples as she smiles. She is 45; a mother of two kids but looks in her 30s. Moving back to the story, we didn’t know how to begin. It was quite an embarrassing moment for us. Henry took the initiative and asked for a glass of champagne. We all joined in and soon the inhibitions were all shed. We behaved like long-lost friends particularly my wife as she got quite bold with Henry. My wife got quite drunk. Henry started touching her. He kissed her lips and took her to the bedroom. I too joined in. Henry put my wife gently on the bed. He lay down on top of her and started kissing her lips moving down to her neck. He kept on kissing her beautiful neck. Within a minute he removed her dress.

Now my wife was in black lingerie, and she looked utterly sexy. From her neck, he moved down to her flat stomach. He poured gentle kisses on it while his hands squeezed her big bosom. Her soft moans arouse me too. Now what Henry did was out of the league. He asked for an oil. Any oil could work. I had no idea. I just followed his instructions. He rubbed it in his hands and started massaging my wife. His firm hands moved gently all over my wife’s body. He started from the navel, moved to the bosom, and then on her face. In between he did a little bit of kissing. At this moment, I couldn’t control myself. I joined in the party. I kissed her warm lips, fasten my lips on her bosom while Henry removed her panties and started licking her pussy. It was a lovely threesome moment. My wife started crying with excitement. It was quite a euphoric moment for her.  Henry had made her wet enough between the legs. He asked me to go deep inside her. He could have done it himself but he knew it could be a problem hence he left the main act for me. I was quite impressed with his behavior. I pulled out my cock and it slide like butter inside her. I rotated my cock while my hands juggled her bosom. Henry stroked her hair, to say how good she was. Soon I released myself inside her and went down on top of her. Henry walked out of her home silently.

The next morning when my wife woke up, I saw her smiling after a long time. She was singing, full of confidence, and asked me about last night’s encounter. She knew she had a euphoric moment but had no clue what happened as she was quite drunk. I told her bit by bit and she was surprised. Surprised at her sexual activity. She thanked me a lot for this bold night and promised to continue with it. I thanked God for this. At least, the lost romance is back in our life. And now we could live happily ever after.


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