Paying Debt by playing Queen of Spades

Valentina Nappi @ Hotwife XXX

Me and Shane have been married for 5 years. Both of us were sports champs in our college. Shane was excellent at Swimming and I was a basketball player. You can imagine how good we look. 6 feet tall, muscular body with pretty face. Wherever we go I can see envy in people’s eyes. But there is another side to our perfect love story. We are high in debt. There is an education loan to pay, house rent, and grocery shopping has put our savings to zero. Shane has a black friend Isaac. He is a small businessman who always helps needy people. Shane too asked for help and that put us in the Queen of Spades trap. We tell you.

Queen of Spades are girls who like to have sex with black men exclusively. They put a Spades tattoo on their body for this. Yes, I find black guys attractive but never before Shane. One day Shane came home disappointed and nervous. He told me Isaac is asking him to pay the debt. I said don’t worry. Let’s call him at home.

At home during dinner, we told Issac we didn’t have any money to pay. Tell us what we can do for him in exchange. Issac gave a sheepish look. He said bluntly no need to worry. You can still pay debt if I sleep with him. I was shocked, Shane was enraged. Isaac asked what option you could have. He said if I agree to his condition then I must get a Queen of Spades tattoo first showing that I crave for black man.  After giving a long thought, I said yes.

I got a tattoo the next day. I don’t want to do this act in front of Shane not even in our sweet loving home. So, I prefer to meet him in a hotel room. Luckily, Isaac agreed to it. I arrived in his hotel suite room. I was wearing a green sweater and a jean. It was a chilling winter night when I arrived in his room. I found Isaac sitting on a bed drinking champagne waiting for his Queen of Spades.  He checked me out from top to bottom as if I was his trophy. Then, he asked me to take off my clothes. One by one. I removed my Jacket, then my sweater, and now I was in a T-shirt and jeans.  I didn’t dare to go further. I stood like this for 5 minutes. Isaac waited patiently. No doubt he was upset. He said would you like your husband to be beaten down. My men are near the house. They can throw him from the house in a minute. What option do you have? He was about to call but I said please don’t. I will do what you want.

I removed my shirt and pants now I was standing in lingerie. Isaac’s mouth was wide open when he looked at me. Why not? After all, I was tall and had an athletic figure with a big natural bosom. Isaac came next to me. He gave me a tender kiss on the lips and put a knife (that he brought) on my navel. He put the knife on my navel and moved to the top over my bosom and behind my back. Within a minute, he cut off my bra. My boobs were out in the open. He threw his knife on the ground and gave me a warm kiss on my lips.  I too kissed him back as I didn’t want to disappoint him. His kisses moved from my lips to my neck and his hands ran over my smooth back. He lifted me gently in his arms. He put me to bed and continued with his kissing work. This time he sucked my bosom. I embraced him tightly. First, I was shivering with cold. Second, I was enjoying every moment of being Queen of Spades.

 While sucking my nipples, he removed my panties and pushed his dick gently inside me. I was in heaven. Now I understand why women love black men so much. They are naturally good lovers and their big dick is amazing. Isaac was gentle all the time. He played with my bosom while going missionary style. We both achieved our sexual satisfaction soon. The sex was fantastic. Isaac thanked me for such a wonderful night. He apologized for his Queen of Spades deal. However, I said sex was great. It was the best moment of her life. I asked him if I could call him whenever I wanted to have sex with him. There was a big smile on Isaac’s face. He said yes.  I was glad that all ended well in the end.


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