Playing the Cuckquean act

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I have an extraordinary story to tell about my Cuckquean act. My husband is addicted to porn. He would watch an hour or two hours continuously porn while do not look at me. No matter how sexy I dressed, or how many signs I gave he didn’t react. One night; the water was over my head. I got completely naked and stood in front of him, yet again he didn’t look at me at all. This drives me mad. I don’t know what to do. Should I consider a sexologist, give him male booster tablets, or what?

Let me tell you, I was an Air hostess before marriage.  I am blessed with long legs, a slender figure with a beautiful bosom. Many people during travel hit on me. One of them was Mark; my husband. He was good-looking, a small businessman. Soon, our relationship developed which resulted in marriage and two young children. In short, a perfect Instagram happy family. Yet love and romance were not there at all.

Anyway, I kept myself busy with children and house chores. One day when my husband was away from home to see what exactly he watches. I saw a husband spanked by a woman while she made love to another man in front of him. I wondered what kind of sex orgy it is. I searched on the internet and then I came to know about Cuckquean. I read more about it. It’s a sex play game where the wife tortures her husband for being weak, not able to satisfy her and she has sex with another man in front of him. I have a wonderful idea. Why not do this game in real? At least, some spice in our romance will be back. How long will we make love in missionary style? Plus, it is great for producing babies, not for regular sex.

Again, I relied on Google to find out how to perform the Cuckquean act at home.  I came to know that there are actors in this. Although, they charge well they promise not to disclose their personal information. It was cool for me. I choose the anniversary date for our play game. I send my children to their Granny’s house. Mark arrived late at home. There was no light when he entered. Soon he noticed someone overpowering him, tying him to a chair with a handkerchief forced into his mouth. His hands too were tied behind the back. Now the lights were on and he was shocked at what he saw next.

As the light turned on, the actress on stage; that’s me entered. I was dressed up in sexy black latex with Hunter in my hand. I spanked my husband badly for not making love to such beautiful love. My husband cried with pain yet he was enjoying it. I spanked him 5 times more saying filthy words. Honestly, I loved the cuckquean experience. Why? Because it was venting out my anger, and my frustration of not having sex. Then, I stopped. Being the first time, I didn’t want to overdo it.

The next stage was Charles; the actor cum model. He unzipped my latex dress. I was in black lingerie. He kissed my neck while running his hands on my navel. Gently he put me in bed and started giving me sweet kisses. He was slow, gentle moving from lips, neck, bosom even my navel. It was purely magical. Do you think I stopped humiliating my husband now? After all, I was the cuckquean of the night. How can I not forget it? I moaned seductively, calling names to Charles. This made my husband angry yet I could see he was enjoying every moment of it.

I had no idea when my panties were removed. Charles spread my legs wide open and start licking my vagina. My God, I was in heaven. I wanted to continue for ever and he did; at least half an hour. My face was sweat with excitement. I know one thing that if I didn’t get his penis inside, I would seriously die. Making me enough wet between legs, he pushed his cock deep in. He moved while his hands worked on my bosom; fondling them sometimes gently, sometimes hard. Soon both of us achieved orgasm.

Once sex was over, I could see my husband’s dick getting hard again. I was glad my Cuckquean plan worked out. After all this humiliation; I felt sympathy for my husband. Once Charles was gone, I stroke my husband’s cock with gentle hands and gave him a fine blowjob. My husband thanked me for such a wonderful BDSM game. I was glad to get the romance back in my life all thanks to the Cuckquean act.

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