Saving your marriage by playing Snowbunny

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Kate had never thought that she would sleep with a black guy. Although she fancies being a snowbunny, she already has a boyfriend. But one day; fate played a strange thing on her. She saw her boyfriend cheating while she was away in-office tour. He posted his photo with his new girlfriend on Instagram. When Kate confronts him about it; instead of apologizing, he starts questioning Kate’s attitude. This led to a fight and finally break up.  Kate was devastated. She was approaching her 30s, all her friends were settled down; some of them had babies too and she in the prime of youth was single again. It is like quite easy to meet guys, particularly for marriage in big cities. Right?

Anyway, Kate decided to hit the hottest pub in the city. She knows guys go there after the party. She can meet someone there, dance with him, and post photos on Instagram. Maybe her BF will come back and apologize for the behaviour or who knows she may meet someone better and even have her dreamy snowbunny moment. So, she went out to the hottest pub wearing a sexy dress to attract boys and she did.

She met Marco; a black guy. He is a taxi driver with a body like an athlete.  The surprising thing is none of them approached each other. Both were sitting opposite to each other. However, they constantly gaze at each other. Kate has gone with her cousin’s friend. Her cousin was eager to dance. She accompanied her. While dancing, she and Marco got together. Both love to dance and their chemistry hit it off. One black and the other white plus their dance moves brought them together and of course; the snowbunny event. The cousin went home soon because she had to study leaving Marco and Kate behind.

After dancing, they started drinking. The drink bought them together. Kate got close and she vented out all about her breakup thing. Marco listened patiently to her. Finally, she had drunk more than her limits. She started kissing Marco, putting her arms around his shoulder. Her snowbunny fancy was going to become true. She never believed it would happen. She thanked her BF for bringing such a wonderful moment in her life.

Marco took her to his apartment. He put her down gently on the bed. Kate looked lovely in a white dress. Her curly hair, long legs with big natural bosom could make any man drive crazy. How could Marco resist her; especially when she has openly declared her feelings? Marco got naked and lay next to Kate. He started fondling her bosom beneath her dress. He did so to know if she was comfortable with intimacy. Kate moaned softly. Not even for a moment she showed any moment of discomfort. After all, she always wanted to be snowbunny.

Marco got a little bolder next. He unzipped her dress making her appear in bra and panty. She looked damn sexy in white lingerie like a Victoria’s Secret model. For 5 minutes, Marco just admired her beauty. Then he brought out some ice cubes from the refrigerator and started applying them on her beautiful navel. Moving slowly, tenderly over her lips, bosom and finally rotating inside her vagina. Kate couldn’t control her feelings. Sweat was visible on her face and the way she was panting; it was obvious she would be dead if not kissed.

Marco exactly did that. He sealed her lips with a kiss while his hands cupped her bosom. Sometimes he kissed her tenderly, sometimes fast to arouse her passion. Like a true snowbunny, Kate embraced him with both arms. As she did, Marco kisses became more passionate. He had already removed her panties while applying ice. It was quite easy for his gun to find his mark. And it did. The tender kisses all over Kate made her vagina open like a flower. Marco’s dick moved inside and soon Kate was in heaven. He kept on kissing her moving to neck, bosom, and beautiful lips so that she didn’t feel pain in case she was a virgin. His slow moves lasted for a long. Soon he released himself inside her. He took a selfie of him kissing Kate’s cheek from her phone and then went back to sleep.

Kate woke up to find Marco gone again. Before going, he left a note to make a snowbunny moment come true. He even said she could rely on him whenever she felt alone. This one-night stand brought Kate a fresh life, and a new confidence. Soon she forgot about her last boyfriend. She got married to a decent guy introduced by her family relatives. It all happened because of the wonderful moment with Marco.


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